Prince Vendi

Special Guest

Vendi Noah Beauzile Etienne Aka Prince Vendi is a/an
Haitian-American Artist born March 11 2011, Jersey City (NJ), He is best known as Prince Of Atlanta. The artist specializes in Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop. Prince Vendi is well known for his Music, Sense of Fashion/Swag and contents. Prince has been awarded International Artist Of The Year, Best Artist Of The Year 2021, Atlanta, Coast 2 Freelance Artist Showcase Winner. Prince Vendi collaborated and performed with several artists including GOKEEKEEGO, FAT CAT, KATALOG ( his father) and more. 

Prince Vendi has several songs but only nine
of his songs have been released. Prince is from a
musical family. The young star has been into music
since he was 5 years old. He released his first music at
the age of 9. After Prince Vendi released “Let’s Go
Party’’ Ft his dad Katalog, His career took oƴ and by the time he released his next song he had a huge fan base that admired him. Prince Vendi had performed in several big shows including Orlando Spring break Fest And Caribbean Fest. The upcoming star is also a model and actor. He started acting at the age of 3. Prince encourages others to be more confident and to work hard to accomplish success.

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