It’s Your Girl Haleigh


Haleigh Brooke McGee, 7 years old born July, 3rd 2014 is an upcoming kid sensation from Rosedale MS. She is a straight A student excelling in 2nd Grade while setting examples for her fellow peers. She has many talents and is very versatile at her young age. She is big on dancing where she have been taking dance choreography classes to help her moves while performing. She also has been learning how to play keyboard and grand piano for the last 3 years that helps enhance her musical back ground. Her most notable talent is rapping which she have various hip hop singles available on all digital platforms. “Birthday” was her debut single which took people by storm. She followed up with a bang releasing “Watch Me” where she started to get book for shows all around the South. She has a growing YouTube channel (@itsyourgirlhaleigh) and fan base. Her style is simple, have fun while making great music.

1:30 PM

June 11 Performances

It's Your Girl Haleigh

2:00 PM

June 11 Meet and Greet

It's Your Girl Haleigh Meet and Greet

It's Your Girl Haleigh Meet and Greet

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM