Go KeeKee Go


Female Rapper Ky’Arah AKA GoKeeKeeGo is one of the most talented young kid artist out there! Discovered at a young age when going to a performing arts school after being moved from New York to Atlanta, Georgia, she was told she had a raspy voice like early 2000s “Lil Bowwow”! Has won titiles like “Atlanta’s Kidz Choice Awards Best Female Rap Artist”, and has hits like: “Big Mouf” “Said What I Said” “Rock Wit You” “Say So” “My Way” “Diabolical” and MANY MORE!! Go check her out on her YouTube: GoKeeKeeGo & GOGOTV!

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6:00 PM

June 11 Performances

Go KeeKee Go

6:30 PM

June 11 Meet and Greet

Go KeeKee Go Meet and Greet

Go KeeKee Go Meet and Greet

6:30 PM - 7:00 PM