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FOUNDER - King Edwin Victory
King Edwin Victory is a 20+ year Entertainment Industry Vet. From music to movies to plays to video, King Edwin has done it all. He first received his professional debut in the music business as a member of the Billboard Chart topping R&B group Ideal, who signed their first record deal with NyTrybe Virgin Records in 1995. After leaving the group  in 198 Edwin decided that he wanted an even bigger challenge, to get to know how the business side of entertainment worked. So he found a passion in Artist Development and Imaging. It was then that he enrolled himself back in college to get his degree in Graphic Design and Video Editors Certification. After graduating in the top of his class at Remington College and L.I.F.T. (Louisiana Institute of Film Technology) in 2003 he decided to open his first Marketing Company called Uplift Marketing Group. From there he began to create cartoon content for kids, so he decided to create Uplift Comics. In 2009 Edwin and his son Romello began drawing cartoon characters and having fun with animation, and it was then that Romello asked his father to draw a picture of his baby brother Isaac and a dog for him. They called this cartoon Baby Isaac and Mello the Hyper Dog. They began making songs and graphic animations and after seeing the reactions of other kids at events from the TV screen and from the music, He then decided to create his first Mascot Characters, Baby Isaac and Mello The Hyper Dog, Disco Joe, and Retro Rabbit, also known as The Baby Isaac Crew.
From 2009 to now King Edwin has been totally focused on children's entertainment. He also opened up a mascot design and development company called Mascot Heaven to help businesses and organizations with Visibility to that enhance their business. To date Mascot Heaven has designed and created 80+ mascot characters and has performed at over 800 shows and events around the US from coast to coast.
Edwin is now ready to break back on the scene as a musical artist and currently has a hit song called  La Raina De Argentina that is currently creating and making a beautiful music vibration across the globe.
King Edwin Victory is a multi-talented and gifted man. He is working to leave a huge legacy to the World. His main goal is to Uplift and Inspire those he can reach either near or far.