Aniya Simone

Special Guest

Aniya Simone is a spunky, talented actress, singer, entertainer, and entrepreneur. She always had a love of being in front of the camera. In August 2020, at the age of 6, she started her YouTube Channel. At the age of 7, she booked her first acting job without having any prior acting classes/training. She landed a recurring role on Disney’s Sydney to the Max playing the character “Lexi”. It’s currently airing on Disney +, the last four episodes of Season 3. She also had a supporting role in a movie coming out later this year.

On her birthday, October 10th, she released her first single called “Imagination” streaming on all music platforms. Her song was featured on the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta radio station. Aniya is now a business owner. Her company is called “Imagine That Collection,” which sells t-shirts, notebooks, and lip gloss. Aniya loves spending time with her family, singing, dancing, playing games, creating art, cooking, and having fun! The future is bright for this young entrepreneur as she has so many talents and aspirations.