Animonation Creations


MEET Mother & Daughter ​ MELONIE & MONET JONES Monet Jones, CEO of Animonation Creations Young talented artist, started drawing on the walls of my home at the age of 2! I found a love for traditional art, and arts & crafts when I watched Disney animated movies, Cartoon Network, and learning that my Grandma was a creator and artist herself. I pursued my interest in art more seriously in the 5th grade. At that time I explored digital art, and it's become my favorite form of art ever since. My mom, Melonie Jones, saw my love for it all and suggested I start sharing my work online. I want to have a full-time career as an artist, so she saw fit that creating for profit could help grow a following on social media, strengthen my experience, and build my personal portfolio.

In short, AniMonation Creations is an art service providing digital art, illustrations, and custom artwork in my art style. The 'Mo' in AniMonation Creations personalizes my name, Monet, in animation to symbolize that it's my work being created uniquely for others. ​ Melonie Jones, CEO of Pretty On Purpose Consulting, LLC. ​ Mother of three beautiful daughters, entrepreneur, author, inspirational speaker, and momager. Inspired by her daughter's artwork, she launched Animonation Creations in 2019, in 2020 she collaborated with Monet in writing a book titled UNIT 3 BORN WITHOUT LIMITS, they Co-authored together and Monet is the books Illustrator.